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10-Sec Tech: Rain is Wet. You Stay Dry.

That’s the problem with rain; it’s just so darn … wet.  Fortunately we’ve found a few ways to make our gear so incredibly waterproof it’s silly.  It’s true that our waterproof technologies are a little loud and probably inappropriate, but if you can get past the constant quacking and disapproving glances, you’ll love it.  I swear.

Those of you more interested in fact than funny stuff can feel free to check out Timberland’s Technology Guide, where we outline the materials and technologies we use to keep our products and our consumers dry – the very idea our company was founded on.  And if you’re not sure a duck-laden parka or “all-hood” jacket is your style, check out our collection of more socially acceptable waterproof apparel and footwear.

10-Sec Tech: Tireless Technology for Sore Feet

If you’re someone who spends all day on your feet (or, if you just FEEL like you do), the latest installment in our 10-sec tech video playlist is for you.  We’ve found the perfect solution for sore, tired feet and we call it “anti-fatigue technology:”

There may, in fact, be more to our anti-fatigue technology than marshmallow soles and cucumber facials (say it isn’t so!), and those of you wanting to pull back the curtain just a little more are invited to watch our VP of Men’s Footwear, Brian, explain the concept in more detail.  And whether you’re a doubter or a dreamer, you’re sure to find a pair of anti-fatigue boots or shoes on our website that will keep you energized and on your feet, all day long.

10-Sec Tech: Put a Little Spring in Your Step

Fashion meets comfort in the shortest romantic comedy ever – our latest 10-sec tech.  Timberland’s 10-sec tech videos are for consumers who care that there’s innovative technology behind the look, feel and performance of our products, but don’t necessarily care to understand said technology in great detail. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll love our Suspension Heel Technology:

If you’re not convinced that mattress springs and tiny pogo sticks are behind our feet-friendly high heels, go ahead and watch our product team’s more straightforward explanation of Suspension Heel Technology.  And if you’re ready to find your own pair of shock-absorbing, happy-making heels, shop our new arrivals now.

10-Sec Tech: Don’t Slip On the Wet Stuff

For Timberland consumers who appreciate how our products look, feel and perform but have no interest whatsoever in understanding the innovative technology inside them, we proudly introduce 10-sec tech – Timberland’s lighthearted attempt at making you aware of the quality attributes of our products without actually explaining them at all.

Without further ado, we give you Gripstick Technology*:

What? You don’t think geckos and tiny plungers are innovative technology? Clearly you haven’t tried our Formentor boat shoes – those suckers are sticky.

Inquiring minds who do want to better understand the “grip” inside our Gripstick Technology are invited to click here for serious and legitimate information that explains the materials and technology that help our boat shoes perform so well.

The rest of you can stay tuned to the Bootmakers Blog for future installments of Timberland’s 10-sec tech … because life is too short to take yourself (or your shoes) too seriously.

*No geckos were harmed in the making of this video.