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Behind the Scenes: Timberland Boot Company Fall 2012 Photo Shoot

Timberland Boot Company examines an era defined by hardworking men and women in New England from 1900-1045. This was a time when the world was rapidly changing, with one foot firmly rooted in the past and the other relentlessly marching forward. Precipitated by the advent of machinery, craftsmen mixed tradition with innovation.

When it came time for our Fall 2012 Boot Company photo shoot, we kept this spirit in mind and traveled to Peabody, Massachusetts — the unrivaled Leather Capital of the World. In the 1920s, men endured long days in harsh conditions to create exceptional footwear. To capture their story, we endured our own long days and harsh conditions inside one of the last remaining leather tanneries in North America.

Our photo shoot location - an old leather tannery

There we found lots of rich material to act as a back drop to our amazing Fall 2012 product (as well as lots of trash, mice and other gnarly stuff). The air was stale, but steeped in a rich history. In true Boot Company fashion, we found vintage leather dying barrels, handmade carts resting next to industrial measuring and cutting machines. Stacks of beautiful, multi-colored leather sat unused next to well-worn tools and gears. It would be a DIY, restoration aficionado’s dream. Interestingly, you could chart the history of this tannery through the various pin-up girl calendars scattered throughout the building.

Piles of beautiful, unused leather

Not kidding about the old pin-up girl calendars

Over the next few days, we worked feverishly to get all the shots in the waning winter light. Once we were done, we found out that we were the last ones to use the building before it was destroyed to make way for a condominium housing complex. Time continues marching forward.

Getting the last few shots

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the Fall 2012 lookbook images.  Enjoy and stay tuned — Timberland Boot Company’s Fall collection will be available soon.

Timberland Women Play Favorites

We all know it isn’t nice to play favorites — but nice or not, the truth is that most of us do have a pair (or two) of shoes or boots that get more than their fair share of love and attention.

Even here at Timberland — where we’re surrounded by footwear made to look good, feel good and perform well — we’ve got our own personal can’t-resist picks:

Marketing associate Gillian has a soft spot for the Earthkeepers Deering Boat Ballerina because, ” It’s a trendy looking cross between a boat shoe and a ballerina, with a touch of casual ruggedness—perfect for any outfit, any day of the week.”

Earthkeepers Deering Boat Ballerina

Our senior retail marketing manager Rachel has found a perfect travel companion in the Timberland Boot Company Marge Wood Heel Sandal“For someone like me that travels a lot, this is the pair I’m going to pack first this season. Handcrafted details, great heel height and a back strap so I can run to catch my next flight—it’s perfect!”

Boot Co. Marge Wood Heel Sandal

The members of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation aren’t the only ones who covet our Formentor boat shoe.  Women’s product manager Andrea says, “When I race sailboats, I’m often on the foredeck—by far the most unstable and slippery part of the boat. That’s why I absolutely need to make sure my shoes are really made for performance sailing with the best traction imaginable.”

Formentor Fabric and Leather Oxford

And senior designer Penelope loves the versatility of the Earthkeepers Nevali Peep Toe: “Because it’s a peep toe, it works in warm and cooler temperatures —so it has a longer season in my wardrobe. It works with skirts, dresses and jeans.”

Earthkeepers Nevali Peep Toe

You can see which styles are topping the list for other Timberland women by checking out our staff picks section.  To find a new favorite pair for yourself, shop our entire selection of women’s footwear now.

Bye Bye, Wool Socks … Hello, Peep Toes

If you’re not quite ready to give up the cozy comforts of winter and embrace the light bright styles of spring, these fresh-picked Timberland Boot Company beauties may give you just the kick you need:

The Spring 2012 Boot Company styles draw their inspiration from the similarly durable-yet-beautiful women’s footwear found in the early 20th century — well made, well worn and well loved.  Here’s Penny, our Women’s Boot Company Designer, to tell us more:

Our Spring 2012 Boot Company collection for women offers beautiful craftsmanship in a bouquet of styles. Pick one for yourself.

American Beauties

In honor of Presidents’ Day (in the US), we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of our own American-born favorites: the boots in our Timberland Boot Company Eastern Standard Series.

Eastern Standard 6" Canvas and Leather Boot in Tan Chamois (also available in black)

Made in Maine and featuring materials sourced in the United States, our Eastern Standard boots are expertly constructed by local craftsmen and designed to be lightweight, durable, comfortable and beautiful.

Eastern Standard Plain Toe Chukka in Red Rum and Brown Suede (also available in tobacco)

Our founding fathers would have worn these well, no?

To learn more about the American lineage of our Eastern Standard Series and to shop the collection, visit our Timberland Boot Company website.

Handsome Has a Name and It’s Tackhead

A few weeks ago, we offered a sneak peek at Timberland Boot Company’s fall collection for women.  In fairness (and because we love these boots), we now give you some of Boot Company’s latest styles for men:

Tackhead 8-Inch Boot

Tackhead 6-Inch Boot

Tackhead Patch Boot

Click here to view the entire Boot Company collection.  Ready to shop?  Click here to buy Boot Company styles.

You’ll ‘Fall’ in Love (get it?) with These Boot Company Beauties

If you’re depressed by the fact that there are only 47 shopping days left until fall, then it’s time for a little retail therapy.  Please meet our friends Lucille …

Lucille 10-inch Boot

Lucille Knee-High Boot

… and Marge:

Marge Wood Clog

Marge Lace Up

Marge Peep Toe Bootie

Marge Wood Tall Boot

Marge Wood Mid Boot

If you love them, buy them: select styles are now available on, with additional styles coming soon (and yes, a line of handsome boots and shoes for men, too.)

Want to comment on your favorite (or least) Boot Company style?  Tell us here.