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Timberland Transformation at Royal London Hospital

Selina Chan, a product manager at our International Design Center in London, shared the following service story:

Timberland International Design Centre (IDC) volunteers recently partnered with St. Barts and the Royal College Hospital in Whitechapel, London to refurbish two rooms in their Intensive Care Unit facility. The rooms were in a dire state of repair, and Timberland funded new furniture and decorating equipment to update them to a suitable decor and condition.

Our IDC Timberland team completely renovated the Bereavement Room and the Relative’s Overnight Room. The team showed true dedication and hard work to achieve the superb end result. In total, we served 97 hours collectively for this fantastic cause.

The hospital staff was both emotional and amazed at what we achieved; the results will make such a difference to the unit. In a thank you letter, the hospital matron wrote:

Without exception everyone has commented on how much more appropriate these rooms are now for relatives at what is a time of significant distress for them.  I have often met relatives in these rooms in order to break bad news to them and been embarrassed by the ‘tiredness’ of the décor and furnishings and overwhelming sense of institutionalism in the rooms.  Now they are bright and smart.  They send a visual message to relatives about how much we value them and the contribution they make to the care of our patient and their loved ones that can now match the words we use.

Our thanks to the Timberland IDC team for their effort … and for reminding us that a day’s work can make a lasting difference to others.  To learn more about Barts and The London Charity and read what they had to say about the Timberland service event, please visit their website.