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Life’s Too Short to Stay Indoors

So says Adam, the global product manager on Timberland’s Men’s Outdoor Team.  He knows a thing or two about the outdoors – the Tennessee native grew up boating, kayaking, hiking and backpacking and has climbed 20 of the 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado.

Adam’s expertise makes him a great asset to our product team, and also makes him the perfect guy to offer some advice for your own outdoor adventures:

  • You should be flexible; your gear should be versatile. The outdoors has a way of throwing surprises at you; the better you and your gear can adapt, the better your experience will be.
  • To scale a mountain, keep your feet on the ground. I see a lot of people climbing the steep, smooth stuff on their tiptoes. But your goal should be to keep as much of your sole on the ground as possible—so you’ve got traction.
  • Just get out there. It doesn’t matter how fast you go or how far you go—just do what you love to do, with the people you want to do it with.

If that’s not enough to make you want to get up off the couch, check out our Men’s collection for spring, including the new Pathrock hiker (it’s versatile — Adam would approve!).  And to see what products Adam and other Timberland guys love these days, be sure to click on staff picks.

The Gear Junkie Takes on the Toughest Trail in the East

To tackle what is often cited as “the toughest hiking trail in the East,” Stephen Regenold (aka The Gear Junkie) relies on his fast and light Timberland LiteTrace boots. Can he and his crew successfully make their way up 6 major peaks, 14,000 feet of elevation and 25 miles of Catskill Mountain’s Devils Path? See for yourself:

You’ll find more Gear Junkie / LiteTrace adventures on the Outdoor tab of our Facebook page and on the Gear Junkie website.  To shop for your own pair of hard hike-worthy LiteTrace boots, visit our website.

LiteTrace’s Tribute to the Dogs

We don’t call them Man’s Best Friend for nothing: the soles of our LiteTrace Hikers are “dog paw-inspired” … which makes a lot of sense, if you’ve ever seen a dog scamper up a steep hill or through slippery mud or snow.  See for yourself:

Paws aside, could it also be that dogs are quicker and more agile than we are because they spend more time running around and less time eating ice cream and watching reality TV?  Oh, never mind.

You can learn more about the technologies and materials we put into our LiteTrace products on the Mountain Athletics section of our website.  Want some canine-inspired footwear of your own?  You can shop the LiteTrace Collection here.

Outdoor Essentials for Fall: LiteTrace Packs

There’s something about autumn’s changing colors that can inspire even the most committed slackers to get up and go outdoors.  And whether your next outdoor adventure takes you to the top of a mountain or just down the street, you’re going to need something to stash your essentials in when you go out.

Introducing Timberland’s LiteTrace pack collection:

LiteTrace Daypack

LiteTrace Backpack

LiteTrace Hydration Pack (featuring a 3-liter water bladder w/customizable tube exit)

Our LiteTrace packs feature durable, lightweight ripstop fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and quick-adjust straps for a more comfortable fit.  And because no fall foliage trip should be ruined by rain, LiteTrace packs have water-resistant zippers and waterproof, stashable rain covers to keep your gear dry.

You can shop for LiteTrace packs and other products on our website or in Timberland stores.

LiteTrace Lost in a Fog

While they were out testing their LiteTrace footwear, our outdoor product team stopped to perform some trail-side “community service” and rebuilt a couple of cairns.  What’s a cairn?  Our team will explain:

Humbling: we’re pretty proud of the way our LiteTrace products perform, and of the innovative technologies and materials they contain … but when it comes to finding your way on a foggy mountain, our fancy footwear has nothing over a plain old pile of rocks.

Hit the trail to learn more about the LiteTrace Collection.

Hit the Trail with LiteTrace

Head up the mountain with our latest, greatest Timberland Mountain Athletic product collection — we call it LiteTrace, and we think you will call it awesome.

From boots to packs to jackets, our LiteTrace products are light (hence the name), tough and waterproof … and we daresay trail-ready.  We know, because we sent our top outdoor product designers out on the trail in their LiteTrace gear to conduct this super scientific wear-test:

If you’re in need of gear (or inspiration) for your own next trail adventure, you’ll love our new LiteTrace website.  The site is built to mimic the ascent of a mountain, so you scroll UP instead of down (clever?), and thanks to a pseudo-3D technique, images create the illusion of on-screen depth and immersion.  Throughout your “journey” up the website, you’ll find photos and videos that showcase our LiteTrace gear in action, information about the features and benefits of the product collection, and gear reviews from publications like Outside and Gear Junkie.

As for our product team — we’ll be showing you more of their on-screen adventures in the weeks to come.  Stay tuned!