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Get a Grip With Formentor Bags

You might expect superior traction and stability when you’re wearing Timberland’s Formentor boat shoes made with Gripstick technology … but did you know we use the same Gripstick technology in our Formentor bag collection?  It’s our way of making sure your gear stays as safe and dry as you do.

Our Formentor bags are made with lightweight, durable synthetics and feature waterproof zippers and polyurethane-coated plastic hardware for superior grip in wet or dry conditions.  These bags get their own treatment of Gripstick technology in the form of non-marking rubber feet, which protect the bags (and their contents) from the ground and reduce tipping and slipping.

Our Formentor Waterproof Tote Bag is ready to go to the beach or boat, and its water-resistant detachable pouch is perfect for carrying small essentials:

Formentor Waterproof Tote

For not-so-small essentials, our Formentor Waterproof Duffle Bag offers protection from the elements in streamlined style:

Formentor Waterproof Duffle

Need a bag that’s as changeable as the summer weather?  Check out our Formentor Waterproof 4-in-1. Depending on how you configure the straps, it can be used as a pack, duffle, tote or sling, making it the perfect go-to bag for any warm-weather adventure:

Formentor Waterproof Convertible Drawstring Pack

If you’re looking for sea-worthy style from head to toe, pair these bags with our Formentor apparel and footwear.

Thank You, Frederick Strickland

Mr. Strickland was a mid-1800’s adventure seeker; he was the first man in recorded history to summit Mount Washington in the winter … and also the first man to die on Mount Washington during his attempted descent. (For the purposes of this story, let’s just focus on Frederick’s life, not death.)

The fearless (some might say foolish) passion for the outdoors that fueled Frederick Strickland and other early adventurers like him serves as inspiration for Timberland’s Spring 2012 Abington Collection — full of handsome, durable, comfortable boots and shoes made for the most discerning outdoor pioneers.

Abington Alpine Ox Hiker

Abington 6-Eye Canoe Boot

Abington Lodge Moccasin Ox

Click on the video below to go behind the scenes on our Abington photo shoot; to learn more about our collection of Strickland-inspired footwear, visit the Abington website.

The No. 1 Rule to Looking Good on a Boat: Stay on the Boat

Over 18 months ago, we challenged our product developers to come up with a performance boat shoe that could grip like crazy when you need it most, but also look great on shore. The result? The Formentor, which features Timberland Gripstick™ technology.

And no better time to create a performance boat shoe: last summer, we announced our technical sponsorship of the Spanish Olympic Sailing team.  As they make their bid for London in 2012, we’re proud to outfit the team in our Timberland footwear and apparel.

Just how well does our Formentor perform?  See for yourself:

Get your nautical on: Our spring 2012 collection of boat shoes has something for sailors and land-lovers alike.

Real Women Wear Timberlands

Authentic and outdoors:  it describes our brand, and also describes the photos that make up the women’s gallery on our website – no studio, no stylists, just real women wearing real Timberland gear in the great outdoors.  See?

Like our footwear, our women’s gallery models not only look good, they perform well, too.  See for yourself what a cold and windy day they had to endure (with smiles on their faces!) for the photo shoot:

To check out all of our natural beauties and their Timberland styles, visit the women’s gallery on our website.

There’s Nothing Pretty About Falling in the Drink

That’s why our designers take great care to make sure our boat shoes work as good as they look. For example, Timberland’s Formentor boat shoes are made with Timberland Gripstick rubber (for superior traction on wet surfaces) and use  ion-mask technology by P2i to ensure that these shoes shed water more easily.

Here’s Alyssa, the lead designer for our Outdoor Adventure products for women, to explain more about how the Formentor meets the wants and needs of women seeking a stylish shoe that’s fit to perform on land and sea:

Love the look? Buy your own. The Formentor (as well as a boatload of other sail-worthy shoes) is available on our website.

Behind the Scenes: How Boot Making Begins

It seems contradictory to be talking about spring footwear when there’s several inches of snow and temperatures are in the 30s, but that’s how it works – we’re often designing our shoes, boots, clothing and accessories years in advance. So for example, it’s now early March of 2012, and we’re looking to put our Spring/Summer lines for 2013 to bed. This creation process starts months in advance with inspirations started often as a doodle, scrap of an idea or an insight from a great trip in the outdoors.

These ideas turn into sketches that turn into CADs (Computer-Aided Designs), which then turn into product samples. We conduct global meetings where we discuss the merits of each individual shoe one-by-one with various Timberland folks from Stratham, New Hampshire to the UK to Singapore. It may seem exhausting or pedantic, but this is where you see the true passion come out from each member of the Timberland team. Designers sing the merits of their product while marketers dream up ways to get our products noticed by consumers like you.

To illustrate this point, I thought it’d be fun to give you a sneak peak of the creation process for the Fall 2012 GT Scramble.

It starts with an idea, a sketch discovery on a piece of paper.

It's not just leathers, fabrics and style. We also focus on tread patterns.

Then we put it all together, starting to add color accents and style points.

We make sure that the sole is made of our Gripstick and Green Rubber.

The last step is to pull together all the specs for production.

The finished product: the Timberland GT Scramble!

If you can’t wait for the GT Scramble, check out our current collection of hiking boots – perfect for whatever outdoor adventures you’re planning this spring.

The Art of Perfect Packing

Packing might seem like a silly thing to try to master (or maybe that’s just me), but when you’re trying — unsuccessfully — to squeeze that one last bag into your trunk or the overhead bin on an airplane,  it’s important enough.

We asked Todd Calitri, an Alaskan fly fishing guide, to share some of his packing tips with us.  When you travel as much as Todd does (he averages 250 days a year) and in the places he frequents (not a lot of baggage carts or bellhops in the Alaskan wilderness), you become a bit of an expert on how to pack right and travel right.

Just another day in the office for Todd Calitri

  • Choose the smallest bag you can. When you choose a huge bag, you’ll end up taking things you don’t need, and all that extra stuff weighs you down.
  • Take things that have more than one purpose. If a jacket looks good enough to wear in the evening and can also serve as a raincoat in a storm, I’ll pack it.
  • When in doubt, leave it out. If there’s something you’re not sure about taking, don’t take it!

Are you a perfect packer already, or could you use more of Todd’s expert tips?  Take our packing personality quiz to find out.  If you’re ready to put your packing skills to work, be sure to check out our collection of packs and luggage.

Happiness is a Pair of Indestructible Boots

When an email from a Timberland consumer starts with, “”This is what happens when you sell a product with the Timberland name on it,” it doesn’t always end with hearts and happy faces.  Which made the following feedback from Scott in Pennsylvania such a pleasant surprise:

Since I have owned these boots, I have had to buy two sets of laces and an insert for the interior.  Why?  Because I just can’t ruin these boots.  The laces wear out from getting tied 365 days a year. These boots have to be around 8 years old, I use them for work – motorcycle riding – hiking – hunting and even church. I just can’t destroy them no matter how bad I abuse them. I noticed the stitching starting to come apart on my right boot and just started to laugh, they still won’t fall apart.

I just wanted to let you know that you make an amazing product and I plan on purchasing a new pair.  Thank you for making a great product.

Scott's boot - well worn, well loved

Life’s Too Short to Stay Indoors

So says Adam, the global product manager on Timberland’s Men’s Outdoor Team.  He knows a thing or two about the outdoors – the Tennessee native grew up boating, kayaking, hiking and backpacking and has climbed 20 of the 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado.

Adam’s expertise makes him a great asset to our product team, and also makes him the perfect guy to offer some advice for your own outdoor adventures:

  • You should be flexible; your gear should be versatile. The outdoors has a way of throwing surprises at you; the better you and your gear can adapt, the better your experience will be.
  • To scale a mountain, keep your feet on the ground. I see a lot of people climbing the steep, smooth stuff on their tiptoes. But your goal should be to keep as much of your sole on the ground as possible—so you’ve got traction.
  • Just get out there. It doesn’t matter how fast you go or how far you go—just do what you love to do, with the people you want to do it with.

If that’s not enough to make you want to get up off the couch, check out our Men’s collection for spring, including the new Pathrock hiker (it’s versatile — Adam would approve!).  And to see what products Adam and other Timberland guys love these days, be sure to click on staff picks.

Shaun Samson Designs Timberland Boots for London Fashion Week

This season, California-born and British-trained designer Shaun Samson has partnered with Timberland to design the footwear for his London Fashion Week MAN Day show. Using our Design Your Own Boot function, the breakthrough menswear designer created three unique styles which mirror the themes of his 2012 collection.

Shaun Samson

Samson picked from hundreds of leather bases, laces, rivets and soles available on our website to adapt the classic boot to sit alongside his collection.

Shaun’s personally-designed Timberland boots

The ease and gratification of the Timberland Design Your Own function meant the design process was effortless. The design possibilities are endless: you choose your own colours, hardware, fabrications and can even take the customisation further with your own embroidered initials.

- Shaun Samson

Model wearing Shaun Simson's designs, head to toe

To read our complete interview with Shaun Samson and see his styles (and our boots) in action on the London Fashion Show catwalk, visit treesandboots on tumblr.  Want to design your own Timberland boots?  Visit the custom footwear page of our website (US here and UK here).