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SHAPE’s Ali Sunshine Shares Her Mount Holly Love

Whether you’re gearing up to brave the elements or just the Black Friday shopping crowds, you’ll want the right footwear for the job.

SHAPE magazine’s resident trendSHAPEr Ali Sunshine visited our Herald Square (New York) store recently to check out the Earthkeepers Mount Holly boot.  Hear for yourself from Ali and our women’s category director Vanessa about what makes the Mount Holly beautiful and rugged, as well as eco-conscious:

You can shop for the Mount Holly boot and other great Earthkeeper products on our website.

Behind the Scenes: Creating Timberland’s New Retail Experience

A few months back, we introduced you to the Timberland store in Westfield Stratford City in London – the first Timberland store to feature a new design intended to attract consumers to our products and our brand in a more inviting, engaging and emotional way.

It wasn’t a concept we dreamed up overnight or launched on a whim- but rather the result of a lot of thoughtful and deliberate effort on the part of our own Timberland team and our design partners.  Now, we invite you to go behind the scenes with us to see how our new “retail experience” was created and brought to life:

It’s All In the Details: Take the Sustainable Store Tour!

Did you know that in our store in Milan, Italy you’ll find a 1930s wooden wardrobe from Oxford University? Or that our store on Newbury Street in Boston was built in an old school house? There’s more than meets the eye when you walk into a Timberland store — and now you can get the inside scoop from the comfort of your couch, your desk, your Wi-Fi enabled train ride to work… you get the idea.

Announcing the launch of the new Sustainable Store Design section of our website! It’s packed with information about what goes into building a Timberland store – from materials, to building standards, to more fun facts from our new stores around the world. You can even explore a virtual Timberland store:

So go on – take the Sustainable Store tour and let us know what you think. Who knows? Maybe you’ll walk away with inspiration for some eco-conscious home improvement for that bathroom/kitchen/living room you’ve been dying to renovate!

Timberland Comes to Westfield Stratford City

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new retail store within Westfield Stratford City in East London –  gateway to the Olympic Stadium!

Timberland Stratford City

London is the host city for the 2012 Olympic and Para-Olympic Games; the new Westfield Stratford City is one of Europe’s largest urban shopping centres, and is situated adjacent to the Olympic Park.  Westfield Stratford City is home to 300 fashion, food and lifestyle brands and 50 restaurants, and has fantastic transport links with Stratford Regional Station, which sees 58 trains going to and from central London every hour.

Stratford City also boasts some impressive environmental and sustainability statistics:

  • 75% of all Stratford City’s electrical power will be met through an on-site Combined Cooling, Heat and Power Plant (CCHP)
  • Use of natural light, effective insulation, high efficiency lighting, heating and cooling and control of solar gain will ensure the buildings are 10% more energy efficient than required by building regulations
  • Efficient building design and on-site CCHP will help achieve carbon reduction targets of 50% by 2020
  • A consolidated waste management system will recycle / recover 50% of retail waste
  • Suitable roofs have been designated as ecological brown roofs to encourage wildlife and reduce rain water run-off
  • A 253,000 sq ft rainwater harvesting system is incorporated into the main retail centre

The store introduces a new global retail concept that re-imagines the retail experience for Timberland.  It is a “box within a box” concept that brings the brand to life in an engaging and emotional way – essentially bringing the outdoors indoors!  The retail experience was designed to emotionally connect with consumers, not only inspiring them with the great outdoors but also equipping them with the gear to get out and enjoy it.  The 2500+ sq ft store has a two-story glass fascia and incorporates portions of our iconic tree logo as part of the store front design.

Our new retail concept aims to bring the outdoors in!

We think the Stratford City store succeeds in engaging consumers with our brand and our product in an authentic, approachable way … but we’d love to hear from you!  London-area readers, stop by our new store and then tell us what you think.

One Minute Challenge: How Many Eco-conscious Elements Can We Find?

While in San Francisco, Ramsey and I took on a challenge of “eco” proportions, trying to capture and share in one minute as many sustainable features as possible in one of Timberland’s most eco-conscious stores to date. It took a cable car ride, a pep talk and couple pairs of Timberland Earthkeepers boat shoes to get us pumped up and ready to go. After running around the store, dodging customers* and reclaimed machine base table displays, victory was ours!

*Please note: no customers were harmed in the filming of this video.

Many of Timberland’s store locations around the world, including the San Francisco store, were designed to reflect a long-term commitment to sustainability. Stay tuned for more about Timberland and Sustainable Store Design later this summer!

Supporting Environmental Organizations on a Local Level: Cast Your Vote!

Partnering with local environmental organizations is second nature to a brand committed to protecting the outdoors. Whether we’re opening a store near to our New England roots on Newbury Street in Boston or on rue du Faubourg Saint Martin in Paris, France, Timberland knows the importance of giving back to the communities in which we work and live.

Ramsey and I headed to San Francisco for the opening weekend of the new Timberland store. There we witnessed firsthand one way Timberland is supporting organizations committed to bettering the Golden Gate City – by giving away a $2,500 grant to one of four local environmental organizations! In our latest vlog, learn more about this Timberland grant and how to vote for your favorite:

While we were there, we met up with folks from Friends of the Urban Forest, Nature in the City, Surfrider Foundation and Livable City. Want to know what they’ll do with the grant money if they’re chosen as the winner? Well, we’ll let them do the honors:

From the San Francisco area? Be sure to stop by the Timberland store on 845 Market Street before May 31st to cast your vote!

Going Green in Boston

I’m not Irish, but I’m sure feeling it today.  St. Patrick’s Day in Boston is an unparalleled experience.

No, I’m not downing Guinness at the Black Rose … I’m celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by opening the new Timberland store on Boston’s famed Newbury Street. What’s so green about a shoe store?  In a word, everything.  From the tabletops reclaimed from old athletic bleachers to the recycled stoneware floor tiles to LED lighting and low VOC paints, we’ve designed this store – and the ones like it that will open later this spring in New York and San Francisco – to serve as a real-life example of how we’re working to reduce our environmental footprint and operate our business more responsibly and sustainably.

Despite the St. Paddy’s Day launch and the opportunity it gives us to cleverly (or not) play up the “green” aspects of our store, our commitment to environmental sustainability isn’t a marketing tactic … it’s as much a part of our heritage as Boston itself.  My grandfather started this business as the Abington Shoe Company on Camden Street, just blocks from where our new store is opening today.

I can remember my grandfather stopping to pick up sewing bobbins off the factory floor when I was a kid … as he would pick them up, he’d say, “there’s a penny … there’s a penny …” it wasn’t called recycling in his day, it was called frugality.  Make the best use that you can, for as long as you can, out of what you have – not in order to save the environment, but in order to save a buck.  Three generations later, here we are staring at reclaimed wood countertops and marveling at the shiny new LED light fixtures.  Same value, different outcomes.

Some might argue that it would be cheaper and less complicated to design our new stores with less emphasis on the environmental and more focus on, I dunno, the actual products we’re trying to sell … but then they would be missing the point that businesses today should be doing both.  We don’t have to make a choice between creating beautiful, durable products that perform and operating our business in a way that’s mindful of the environment or our impact on it.  To the contrary — as an brand and a business that makes boots, shoes and gear for the outdoors, it’s in our best interest to help preserve it … and reduce our impact on it, any and every way we can.  Just as every new store puts us more boldly on the map, every step we take to put our environmental values into action – from Earthkeepers products to stores designed with environmental consciousness and consideration – lends credence to the  notion that businesses can and should be a force for environmental good.

In the spirit of environmental responsibility, I can do without the Dirty Water (yech) … but otherwise, the Standells had it right.  Boston, you’re my home … and there’s no place I’d rather be celebrating heritage and values and all things green today.