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Real Women Wear Timberlands

Authentic and outdoors:  it describes our brand, and also describes the photos that make up the women’s gallery on our website – no studio, no stylists, just real women wearing real Timberland gear in the great outdoors.  See?

Like our footwear, our women’s gallery models not only look good, they perform well, too.  See for yourself what a cold and windy day they had to endure (with smiles on their faces!) for the photo shoot:

To check out all of our natural beauties and their Timberland styles, visit the women’s gallery on our website.

Spring’s Best Looks Are Blooming on Our Women’s Website

Even if spring isn’t quite in the air wherever you are, it’s coming to life on the pages of our new women’s website, where we’re showcasing the freshest spring styles Timberland has to offer.  For inspiration, check out the Gallery, where you’ll find real women wearing real Timberland footwear and clothing, and visit the “As Seen In” section to find out which Timberland products are showing up in style magazines all over the world.

To give more insight into what Timberland has to offer this spring, here’s Trend and Color Designer Layla to explain where she and her team found inspiration for this season’s “color of nothing:”

Hit the Trail with LiteTrace

Head up the mountain with our latest, greatest Timberland Mountain Athletic product collection — we call it LiteTrace, and we think you will call it awesome.

From boots to packs to jackets, our LiteTrace products are light (hence the name), tough and waterproof … and we daresay trail-ready.  We know, because we sent our top outdoor product designers out on the trail in their LiteTrace gear to conduct this super scientific wear-test:

If you’re in need of gear (or inspiration) for your own next trail adventure, you’ll love our new LiteTrace website.  The site is built to mimic the ascent of a mountain, so you scroll UP instead of down (clever?), and thanks to a pseudo-3D technique, images create the illusion of on-screen depth and immersion.  Throughout your “journey” up the website, you’ll find photos and videos that showcase our LiteTrace gear in action, information about the features and benefits of the product collection, and gear reviews from publications like Outside and Gear Junkie.

As for our product team — we’ll be showing you more of their on-screen adventures in the weeks to come.  Stay tuned! Comes to Ireland

We’re proud to announce the arrival of Timberland’s first ever e-commerce website in Ireland:!

The easy to use, dynamic and interactive site features a fresh design and offers Irish shoppers the ability to buy Timberland products as well as interact more deeply with the brand.  Site features include:

  • A broad selection of men’s, women’s and kids footwear, as well as men’s apparel.
  • Products arranged in lifestyle-focused categories for easy browsing and buying; visitors can click on “shoppable” images in promotional banners, much like a store front window.
  • More than just an online store, has products and values interwoven throughout – aiming not only to increase sales for Timberland but also to raise awareness about the brand, the products and the company’s commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

The site also is an important resource for Timberland’s brick-and-mortar stores. Some visitors many “window shop” online and purchase at a store, or while shopping in a store customers could be referred to the website to view our more complete product selection.

The Ireland website gives visitors the ability to sign up for regular email updates and offers, and Ireland residents receive free shipping on their online orders.  The new website was designed by Cork based company, Fireball media, and we think they did a superb job … check it out today and see for yourself!