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10-Sec Tech: Ride the Wave of Uneven Terrain

The great outdoors doesn’t come equipped with level surfaces or handrails — and sometimes, navigating a tough trail (or even a seemingly innocuous path) can cause even the most agile among us to slip, trip and fall.  To save face and stay on her feet, what’s an outdoor-loving woman to do?

That’s the very question that inspired our latest 10-Sec Tech:

Trail Wave Technology may not be as fun as pillow feet or as confidence-boosting as having your own wave of fans, but if you’re looking for comfort and stability in a woman’s shoe that lets you rule the trail (as opposed to the trail ruling you), look no further.

Check out the Trail Wave Collection for women on our website.  And to learn more about Trail Wave Technology and the other ingenious ways we’re working to make our products grippier, sticker and just plain better, flip through the Timberland Technology Guide.

Spring ’12 Preview: Trail Wave Collection

Our thanks to the folks at Hiking Boots News for sharing this sneak peek at our spring 2012 Trail Wave collection for women, as showcased at Outdoor Retailer earlier this month.  You can read the entire Hiking Boots News review on their website.

It’s particularly flattering that HBN calls our Radler Trail Camp Moc an Outdoor Retailer ‘darling’ – we love the Radler for all its lightweight, packable goodness, and glad to know someone else has the Radler love, too!