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Tree Planting in Bangladesh

Timberland’s Code of Conduct team works to ensure fair and safe working conditions inside the factories where our products are made, as well as positive living conditions beyond factory walls.  In the course of their important work, they often uncover inspirational stories – like this one, which comes from a Timberland supplier in Bangladesh:

In July 2011, Timberland footwear supplier Bangladesh Pou Hung (BPH) launched a massive tree plantation initiative, called ‘Plant Trees and Save Environment.’ Under this initiative the BPH has already started to plant trees at its factory premises and all around the BEPZA trade zones (Bangladesh export processing zone authority).

BPH launched this tree planting initiative with the realization that tree planting is something positive for the environment that everyone can do; there’s no big budget to plant a tree, and its returns are valuable and sustainable.

We’re proud to partner with suppliers like Pou Hung that are committed to taking positive action for the environment, and inspiring others to do the same!

Tree Planting in Argentina

We’re excited to share the news about one of our newest tree planting initiatives, led by the Timberland team in Argentina.  They’re on their way to planting 3,500 trees this year in San Martin de los Andes – a popular tourist destination, given its location beside Lacar Lake and at the foot of the Andes.

The Argentina project is just one in our portfolio of tree-planting initiatives, and takes us that much closer to reaching our goal of planting 5 million trees before 2015.  For more information about Timberland’s commitment to reforestation in cities and countries all around the globe, visit our tree planting website.

Fan of Facebook?  You can follow the tree planting progress in Argentina on their new Facebook page.

From City Streets to Desert Plains, Making our Difference

This week, we’re proud to share two blog stories of Timberland service — distinctly different in their physical locations, but undeniably similar in spirit and impact.  The first comes from the blog of streetwear clothing company Next, a Timberland retail partner.  Next joined us for our annual community service day in New York on September 9.  In the blog post, Next blogger Steve talks about the tradition, and the impact, of the service day:

Every 9/11, I have the privilege of joining the folks from Timberland in a community service event.  The past two years our “service team” focused our efforts on improving the environment of an elementary school in the Bronx. What started out as an abandoned field next to the school has slowly been transformed into a lush and productive garden. The formally cold and barren concrete school hallways have gradually become populated with colorful murals that the team has painted over the years.

View of the school-side garden and tool shed, courtesy of Rule of Next

Half a world (or so) away, travel blog Malaysia Asia highlighted Timberland’s ongoing reforestation efforts in the Horqin Desert in Inner Mongolia.  Blogger Lilian Chua experienced firsthand what a Timberland tree-planting trip to the Horqin entails – from bumpy bus rides to beautiful landscapes.  She shares:

Thanks to Timberland Malaysia, I had the great opportunity to join in their yearly Horqin Reforestation Project in Inner Mongolia. This trip was an unforgettable journey for me, from the tree planting activities to getting to know the myriad of beautiful people, the spectacular scenery which seems to be everywhere and of course the consumption of glorious local food!

Volunteers form a human chain to water newly-planted saplings in the Horqin Desert, courtesy of Malaysia Asia.

Our thanks to the folks at Next and Malaysia Asia for sharing their Timberland service experiences; we’re honored to be able to share our passion for community and environmental impact with such enthusiastic partners and volunteers!  To read these blog posts in their entirety, please visit Rule of Next and Malaysia Asia.

Trees, Bicycles and Building Community

People are really hungry for genuine experiences of community that bring people together that they feel connect them to their neighbors.

- Paul Freedman, Founder, Rock the Bike

Part 5 of our Dig It documentary highlights the positive impacts of tree planting beyond health and environmental benefits; when trees grow, so does a sense of community.

Another good for community / good for the environment tool is also featured in this Dig It segment: the bicycle.  Meet the founder of Rock the Bike, an organization created to help “bike people” spread enthusiasm and awareness for the environmental, health and cultural benefits of bicycles.

Dig It is a Timberland documentary focused on the positive impacts of tree planting and featuring community planting projects in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City.  To watch the Dig It documentary in its entirety and to learn more about Timberland’s tree planting commitments and projects, click here.

Tree Planting in India

Timberland India shared the following photo account of their first tree planting event held in Janakpuri, New Delhi last month.  Over the course of the day, they planted 118 assorted palm trees and provided much needed greening for a neighborhood park.

We look forward to sharing more photos and tree planting stories as Timberland India works toward their tree planting goal: 1,200 trees by December 2011.

On July 31, TBL India launched its Tree Planting Program under the guidance of Peepal Baba (pictured above) from Janakpuri in New Delhi. Born as Prem Parivartan, Peepal Baba got his popular nickname from the type of tree he plants. He is a tree evangelist who started planting trees at the age of 10.

The park at Janakpuri

5 foot tall palms which will add to the green cover of Janakpuri Park

Ground being prepared

Trees arrive in eco-friendly transport

Volunteers get instruction from Peepal Baba on techniques of digging

Never too late to plant your first tree!

First tree planted by TBL India

... and soon many followed

Presenting nature's heroes

... and TBL India's evangelist

Converging ‘Odd-Looking Tribes’ for Sustainable Change

The latest installment from our Dig It documentary focuses on the notion of convergence and the powerful positive impact that can be achieved by seemingly dissimilar “tribes” (as Timberland CEO Jeff Swartz calls them) that are committed to a common environmental cause:

The Dig It documentary was created to highlight the impact and importance of reforestation, as illustrated through tree-planting efforts in several cities across the United States. To view the Dig It documentary in its entirety, visit the Dig It page of our website, or email us at to receive your own DVD copy.

In the News: Timberland Tree Planting in Asia

We’re pleased to share the following clip from Channel NewsAsia highlighting Timberland’s commitment to reforestation.  Kudos to Timberland’s team in Asia — from Singapore to the Horqin Desert in Inner Mongolia, they’re clearly pulling on their boots and making a difference for the environment!

Trees Build Communities

It’s a great community center. People have said to me, “We walk past each other on the street for years and never even said hello and now through this garden we know each other.”  There’s a sense of community and belonging and caring about the livelihood of the neighborhood.

Hannah Riseley White
New York Restoration Project

From inside the leafy green borders of a community garden in Spanish Harlem, New York, the following excerpt from our Dig It documentary examines the critical social and cultural benefits trees provide — positively impacting public health, safety and quality of life.

The Dig It documentary was created to highlight the impact and importance of reforestation, as illustrated through tree-planting efforts in several cities across the United States.  To view the Dig It documentary in its entirety, visit the Dig It page of our website, or email us at to receive your own DVD copy.

Passion for Planting in China

Nina Lin, one of Timberland’s Code of Conduct team members, shared with us this inspiring tree-planting story from a factory we work with in China:

Between  2009 and 2010, employees at Jiangmen Yi Xin Tanning Company Limited (“Yi Xin”) have planted nearly 2,000 larch seedlings on the mountain slopes surrounding their factory.  The company has focused on planting as a means of creating a greener environment, preventing the loss of soil and water, reducing noise and providing workers with a green as well as comfortable working environment.  The commitment is showing good progress, as those larch seedlings have grown into a forest little by little.

Yi Xin tree planting volunteers

This past March, a group of employees and volunteers converged once again at the foot of the mountain for another day of planting.  It had been more than two years since the first tree-planting activity, and the weeds growing up around the mountain were as tall as the larches.

In spite of the cold weather, the volunteers still worked with high passion, divided into many groups and assigned with different tasks. Some of us took out weeds, while others removed dead wood. We wielded our sickles, spades and hoes with big smiles on our faces, while the sweat drenched us.  Under our great efforts, the landscape surrounding our factory became greener and greener; it was satisfying to be able to put our environmental passion into action within our own community.

We look forward to planting more trees and continuing to improve the natural environment and our factory environment in the future.

Dig It, Part 1

“On this side of the house, it’s like 100 degrees for me.
If we could get some trees out here, I might be outside just playing.”

- Young resident of the William Meade Homes, Los Angeles, CA

Part 1 of our Dig It documentary highlights the social and health impacts of living in a community that’s void of trees … and the efforts of volunteers and activists alike who are determined to be part of a solution to the climate change problem.

You can learn more about the Dig it documentary and view additional footage from the film in the Dig It section of our website.