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Earthkeeping in the Ukraine

3 cities in the eastern European country of Ukraine got a little greener last month as part of Timberland’s global Earth Day service.  Over three days, our partners, employees and consumers – more than 500 volunteers total — planted 50 trees in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, another 50 in Zaporizia, and 184 in the capital city of Kiev.

During the past year, all consumers who purchased an “environmentally-messaged” Timberland shopping bag at one of the Timberland Ukraine stores were invited to join us in the tree-planting project.  Those who showed up for the event with their Timberland shopping bag in hand received a sapling to be planted.  (Bright, sunny day and cheerful fellow Earthkeepers were supplied at no extra charge).

It’s been estimated that one tree can remove as much as 50 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere each year … which means thanks to the Ukraine Earthkeepers, the air will be more than 14,000 pounds of CO2 cleaner and lighter, per year.  Not bad for a day (or three) worth of good work.