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COP15, DAY 1: Does Collective Energy Mean Collective Action?

It seems the world has arrived . . .
not just in Copenhagen–but at a universal moment of collective action.

This morning, a reported 34,000 people from every country in the world poured into the giant plenaries of Copenhagen’s Bella Center. Many were there to negotiate, some to advocate, others to deny, protest or simply take in the spectacle. Whatever the reason, the energy was collective.

Kicking off this message, Danish Prime Minister, Mr Lars lokke Rasmussen and top UN climate official Mr Vyo de Boer.

“The time has come to reach out to each other and deliver…the time to issue statements is now over” said de Boer. “Never in the 17 years of climate change negotiations have so many different countries made so many pledges. The time to act is now . . . to ensure people don’t suffer in the future.”

De Boer’s words echoed–literally–through the center’s fifty-some pre-fab halls as thousands of attendees collectively tuned into, “Please Help the World,” a frightening short film about a young girl who implores politicians to help the world after waking from a nightmare about the impacts of climate change. But in contrast to the film, the opening ceremony and the first day in general was hopeful and optimistic.

BUT I wonder what the sentiment is outside the brightly lit spectacle of the Bella Center . . . is the world optimistic, doubtful–does anyone even care?

Let me know what you–at home–are thinking, anticipating, hoping for. Do you think an agreement is possible? What should happen? What MUST happen?

Leave your thoughts below and tomorrow I’ll show you why leading IPCC scientist Dr. Stephen Schneider is hopeful, but anxious for the next two weeks.

Stay tuned.