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10-Sec Tech: Rain is Wet. You Stay Dry.

That’s the problem with rain; it’s just so darn … wet.  Fortunately we’ve found a few ways to make our gear so incredibly waterproof it’s silly.  It’s true that our waterproof technologies are a little loud and probably inappropriate, but if you can get past the constant quacking and disapproving glances, you’ll love it.  I swear.

Those of you more interested in fact than funny stuff can feel free to check out Timberland’s Technology Guide, where we outline the materials and technologies we use to keep our products and our consumers dry – the very idea our company was founded on.  And if you’re not sure a duck-laden parka or “all-hood” jacket is your style, check out our collection of more socially acceptable waterproof apparel and footwear.

Old Man Winter? He’s About to Meet His Match

If you looked up the phrase “Stay Warm” in the dictionary (one of those special dictionaries that includes phrases — and photos), we’re pretty sure you’d find a picture of this jacket.  Legend has it your body temperature will increase a few degrees just from looking at it.

Meet Timberland’s Galehead Rugged Down Parka — the next best thing to a mid-winter trip to the tropics.  The Galehead features 800-fill premium goose down, stitched into a two-layer waterproof nailhead canvas outer that’s crafted from 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester.  And because even tough guys have a soft side, the Galehead also comes with a fluffy, warm faux fur hood.

Fun fact:  Down is nature’s best insulator — but it also tends to “leak” out of fabric over time.  The solution is downproof apparel, designed to keep those feathers in place and keep you warm.  You can learn more about downproof – and windproof, and other ways we work to make our products warm and comfortable – by checking out Timberland’s Technology Guide.

And if you don’t like blue, aren’t a fan of the faux fur?  Not to worry – we’ve got a technical version of the Galehead that’s a bit spicier and sportier – and just as toasty.