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Engaging and Empowering for Positive Change

Earthkeeping isn’t all about treating the environment with kindness and respect … it’s about caring for the people who share the environment with us in the same way.

There is a great article by Dan Viederman, Executive Director for  Verité, in McKinsey & Company’s “What Matters” publication.  In it, Dan speaks about the power of worker empowerment and engagement, based on work that Verité has done for the past several years, dating back to pilot programs they conducted with Timberland in 2006 in some of our supply chain factories in China.

Based on our own experiences, I echo Dan’s sentiments about the important role worker engagement can play in instilling worker empowerment, and about the need to scale that work.  Since our pilots in 2006, Timberland has rolled the approach out globally and we now formally engage workers in the assessment process in 100% of our factories.  Last year we published a paper that outlines in detail our approach, hoping to inspire others to move from compliance audits to collaborative worker-engaged platforms.

Thoughts about Dan’s article, questions about Timberland’s own approach?  Please feel free to share them here.

Colleen Von Haden
Senior Manager, Code of Conduct