Countdown to Climate Action

“The clock is ticking and we’ve got a planet to save.”
- Jamie Henn,

Last year, we introduced Jamie Henn as “Agent 350” – one of our original Earthkeeper heroes and lead member of the team, working to create a global movement to solve the climate crisis by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million (that’s the number leading scientists say is the safe “upper limit” if we’re to avoid critical climate destruction).

Jamie and are back and better than ever, calling for conscious, creative involvement from Earthkeepers everywhere on the International Day of Climate Action, October 24th.  Think Earth Day with an edge … this is your opportunity to be part of thousands of simultaneous actions around the world, leveraging local effort for global change.

Here’s Jamie’s call to action, in his own words:

For more details and to register your event as part of the International Day of Climate Action, visit  Got a great action event planned?  Share it with us here!

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