Green Stuff We Love for Dad

In honor of Father’s Day … or for any special Earthkeeping guy in your life … check out these green goods to make the most of his day in the sun:

The TING “sling” is a handwoven hammock  made of reclaimed and repurposed seatbelt webbing that otherwise would wind up in the waste stream.






Our Earthkeepers™ X-Band sandals feature organic canvas in the uppers and recycled rubber in the outsole and midsole.  Burnished nubuck leather comes from a silver-rated tannery (one that has received a silver rating for its reduced energy use, reduced waste and quality water treatment).



Burt’s Bees chemical-free sunscreen provides UVA/UVB protection and helps keep skin hydrated without using chemical sunscreen actives like octinoxate and oxybenzone. Instead, titanium dioxide (a naturally-occurring mineral) creates a micro-fine barrier to reflect the sun’s harmful rays from Dad’s most sensitive spots.





When Father’s Day turns into night, Ikea’s Solig solar-powered lanterns keep the celebration going.  These lights run on solar cells that transform sunlight into electricity, requiring no electrical connections and saving energy. 




  • Dennis Ferguson

    The History Channel says that global climate change is caused by the SUN and earth’s magma , above and underwater volcanoes and fissures.

    The History Channel says that climate change will happen with or without human beings upon the earth. In fact, they say the Earth will warm up after humans disappear from Earth.

    The History Channel says that ice can not melt at the poles during its winter. During the summer, the ice melts and during the winter it freezes.
    The ice shelf breaks off each and every summer. This year, the shlf at Antarctica was the third largest shelf to break off. Also, the volcanos at each polar areas are partially responsible. Therefore, many people notice that many groups, including yours are disseminating half-truths.

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