Keep on Rocking in the Green World

While our own Earthkeeper heroes Reverb are hard at work this summer greening concert tours and educating music fans across the US about environmental sustainability, similar efforts to green the music scene are creating a positive impact in other parts of the world.

The Guardian website features an inspiring video about the annual Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark – an annual event that draws an estimated 80,000 people annually (and all their trash).

In recent years, event planners have gone to great lengths to make the popular music festival less environmentally-impactful by encouraging attendees to recycle their waste and personal belongings traditionally abandoned at the end of the 4-day event (over 1,600 sleeping bags were donated to the homeless after a recent Roskilde Festival) and by offering additional incentives in the form of a cash refund for cups, cardboard and drink containers returned to collection stands.  It is estimated that an astounding 97% of cups used at Roskilde’s concession stands are brought back for recycling … and many attendees have recouped the cost of their ticket while helping to keep the environment clean.

The potential for environmental impact within the music industry isn’t limited to the live concert scene.  The July issue of Fast Company magazine highlights individuals (including Reverb) who are greening all aspects of the business – from artists like Jack Johnson, recording music with the help of solar power to music distribution execs like John Esposito, working to eliminate plastic jewel cases for CDs

Now if they could just find a way to make solar-powered lighters for us to wave during our favorite live power ballads …

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