Leading Eco-Change From the Ground Up

Project Dirt’s co-founder Mark Shearer affectionately describes it as, “a small environmental website with big ambitions and huge capacity.”

We couldn’t have said it any better.  In recognition that good green intentions are plentiful – but that opportunities and resources to make those intentions actionable are often more scarce – Mark and business partner Nick Gardner started Project Dirt as a means of organizing and mobilizing individual action around climate change.

The Project Dirt website currently serves the green community of South London (hoping to expand in the near future), providing information about local environmental projects, connecting community members and serving as an online forum for burning questions, great ideas and sharing of best practices.  A year into it, the site has 1,000+ members, and continues to grow.

Co-founders Nick and Mark show their unbridled excitement for Project Dirt

You can follow Project Dirt’s progress, along with the rest of our Earthkeeper Heroes, on Changents.com.  And if you’re Earthkeeping in the greater London area, check out Project Dirt for details on where and how to find all the best green projects.

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