Solar in Seville

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

At least that’s the notion behind The Canary Project – one of our Earthkeeper Heroes – a husband and wife team that use artwork and visual media projects to convey the impact and urgency of climate change.

The Canary Project in Spain

Susannah Sayler and Ed Morris have traveled all over the world (recent trips include Antarctica and Madrid), photographing both landscapes that are being impacted by climate change and those working to either adapt to it or mitigate it.  The result is powerful, thought-provoking images intended to raise environmental awareness and inspire action through a medium that is universally understood.

Ed and Susannah’s most recent excursion took them to southern Spain, where they photographed the Abengoa solar installations and learned first hand about the 300 megawatt platform currently under construction which, when complete, will be the largest in Europe – drawing enough energy from the sun to power the entire city of Seville.

The solar receptor tower at the Abengoa’s solar plant

Learn more about the Canary Project, their climate-inspired journeys and the artwork they create at

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  • sunil

    Thanks to Susannah Sayler and Ed Morris for their good effort to bring such pictures to all.
    we as humans need to develop such solar powered goods for the poor countries in far lands of africa,asia,I would say all our villages of the world.
    Because God who created us & the world, is showing the responsiblity for these kinds of developments in all the field of science to be spread everyever {not weapons}.
    Please pass this message to all leaders of the world.

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